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We offer self financing solar panel PV installations for domestic & business.

Abbey Solar Renewables Ltd is a company specialising in solar energy installations and renewable technologies. We install the latest and most efficient Photovoltaic Solar PV panels & Thermal panel energy systems to maximise your renewable energy generation and enhance your savings. We can show how to save money by reducing your other energy bills and can advise on new technologies that can heat your house 70% cheaper than gas or oil. We offer some of the most competitively priced solar heating installations in the UK today.

Contact us now for a no obligation quote or a free site visit from one of our consultants who will show you how much you can save and earn by installing and generating your own electricity. Or go with our new house finder tool and we can do an online estimation for your property. If you have Photovoltaic PV fitted 'Solar Panels', we can show you how you can heat your house for free and drastically cut your gas bills.

From 1st November 2012 the new Feed-in Tariff is 15.44p per kW/hr The good news is that prices have fallen and you can still get excellent returns on your investment of nearly 15% which is tax free and indexed linked and lasts for 20 years. If you are on higher rate of tax this is equivalent to over a 20% return. From 1st April 2012 your house will need an EPC rating of D or above to qualify for the full Feed-in Tariff.

Read full details here

The Green Deal

The Green deal was provisioned in the 2011 Energy Act and is intended to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties by reducing carbon emissions in a pay as you save financial package. The green deal will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties and save money on energy bills.

The energy scheme is due to be launched later on in 2012 and it is designed to cover the upfront costs of installing measures to reduce the energy consumption in your property and deliver savings on your energy bills. These savings will be used to repay the cost of the energy installation over a period of time. It is similar to a loan, although not a personal loan as the charge is attached to the meter in the property and is paid back through savings on the energy bills. If you move properties the new occupant will pick up the charge whilst benefiting from a higher energy efficient property.

Read more The UK Government's Green Deal

With the rising cost of utilities some of the best money you can spend is on reducing your energy consumption. Some measures are very cheap to install and can have payback time in terms of months.

Abbey can advise on alternative space and water heating systems that can be up to two thirds cheaper to run than your existing energy methods. Also we offer a range of LED lighting systems and bulbs that can dramatically reduce your electricity bills. We can also fit voltage optimisation systems to a house that will cut your electricity bill by 10%. read more here.

Free Panels

A range of Solar panels we stock

Abbey Solar Technologies are able to arrange for the FREE fitting of (PV) photovoltaic panels to your property both private and commercial, which will give you use of the FREE electricity for up to 25 years.

Private Homes PV

Solar panels on a roof of a private home

Photovoltaicis are still the best investment with returns at over 15%. If you have money sitting in the bank earning you nothing - consider Solar PV as an investment -and dont forget it is Tax Free for 20 years.

Commercial PV

A business roof with 8kw of solar panels on it

We provide commercial photovoltaic design and installation services for business of all forms from agriculture to heavy industry around the world. Our engineers have design expertise & experience.

Infra Red Heating Panels

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Infra Red Heating Panel

We supply and install the Sunny Heat range of Infra-Red heating panels which are 70% cheaper to run than centralised heating systems. Infra-Red heating panels heat objects rather than air so do not create convection currents.

Infra-Red heating panels draw a very low wattage once they are up to temperature and are very economical to run. The panels are also associated health beneifts with using infra red as a heat source which are well documented on the internet

Typical Photovoltaic Income

Terraced 2 Bedroom House

  • 2kWp Photovoltaic System.
  • 8x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £17,000
  • Panels investment return by year 8.

Semi Detached 3 Bedroom House

  • 3kWp Photovoltaic System.
  • 12x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £27,000.
  • Panels investment return by year 7.

Detached 4 Bedroom House

  • 4kWp Photovoltaic System.
  • 16x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £35,000.
  • Panels investment return by year 6.

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PV We Recommend & Install

With the most powerful Photovoltaic energy systems on the planet you can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

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