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Infrared Heating Panels for domestic and business use.

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Infra Red Heating Panels

Infra Red Heating Panel

Infra red heating has been around on the continent for some time now and is used as a primary heating source. Tests have shown that by installing infra red panels, heating cost can be reduced by 70% when compared to centralised heating systems.

Infrared waves are part of the natural light spectrum from the sun, without skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation. NASA and other space agencies have utilized infrared heating technology and it has revolutionized health and beauty products all over the world. Infrared long waves are a form of light energy from the sun, but due to the longer wavelengths the human eye cannot see them. SUNNYHEAT panels emit infrared waves of 10.000 nanometers, which is within the "biogenetic" range. Biogenetic infrared energy is essential and beneficial for all living things.

Infrared long waves have the properties to penetrate, refract, radiate and reflect. This is the difference between infrared heating and the common convection heating methods.

We stock the Sunny Heat range of panels. They are one of the only true infrared heaters on the market in this country. Infra red panels work by heating objects rather than air so they do not create convection currents that moves dust, so they are great for asthma suffers.

There are also other associated health benefits from using Infrared heat and these are well documented on the Internet. They are also cheaper than gas central heating to run.

Infra Red Information Downloads

Abbey Solar Infra Red Brochure   Abbey Solar Infra Red Leaflet   The Kosack Case Study

Like the Suns infra red rays heat the Earth, the panels work in exactly the same way. The Sun heats the earth which in turn dissipates the heat into the atmosphere. It is like being high upon a mountain where the air temperature can be in the minuses but you can wear a t-shirt because the suns infrared rays heat you up.

If you have Solar PV panels, these are one of the best ways of utilising the free electricity you have to reduce your heating bills as they run on a very low wattage once up to temperature. Each panel comes with its own wireless controller, a thermostat and timer individually run each panel, installation is quick and causes little disruption.

The secret to their efficiency is that, they are controlled by a very clever electronic circuit that limits the current they draw by resonating and oscillation, which means you can have 5 on one 16 amp circuit. They come in a variety of sizes depending on your room area.

SUNNYHEAT brings not only the same energy as the sun, but also a better health environment into your home. Medical research has proven that infrared, bio-energetic long waves stimulate cell production in the body. Bio-energetic infrared waves activities water molecules and also stimulates their resonance and ionization. There is a of research that is being done into the health benefits of infrared and is available on the internet, including research into the positive effect on cholesterol and certain cancers.

It is documented that infrared stimulates the mitochondria in the body which gives you more energy and increased blood flow. Classic heating systems heat the air by so called convection heating, which constantly moves and circulates dust. Each autumn, when people turn on their heating systems for the first time of the season, houses can be flooded with dust and allergens. Heating ducts accumulate these materials during the summer and are then they are released.

SUNNYHEAT does not use convection, so with Sunnyheat no cold feet and warm head. Sunnyheat does not heat the air directly. With traditional heating systems, hot air goes to the ceiling and cold air remains at floor level. The wireless thermostat recognizes this change in temperature and the heater starts and stops repeatedly.

SUNNYHEAT infrared panel heaters are made with safety glass, printed circuit film and insulation, all framed in aluminium and run by highly advanced temperature and energy-control software. When electricity is applied to the printed circuit film, healthy infrared long waves are emitted. The infrared waves are directed forward through the glass by a coating on the back side of the circuit film and a heat shield and insulation at the back of the panel. The glass surface can heat up to 110°C and the frame will not become hotter than 25°C. The rear side of the SUNNYHEAT panel is covered by a single aluminium plate.

The thermostat has a maximum power setting which can double the wattage in order to heat the room faster when necessary. It has a user-friendly design with simple buttons. Each panel controlled by its own thermostat so that you can regulate the temperature in each room. If the same temperature is desired in all rooms, only one thermostat is needed. For buildings with extremely thick walls, it is recommended to have a separate thermostat for each room.

We offer standard panel heaters with a neutral glass surface and aluminium frame, or tailor-made designs with different colours or pictures. SUNNYHEAT has no additional accessories and our state-of-the-art infrared heating panels are designed to be user-friendly.

Conventional Heating Path

Normal convection heating paths Diagram

Heat from conventional heating sources creates thermal currents which means heat rises upwards, meaning the lower half of the room is cooler than the top and this also distributes dust around the room.

Infrared Heating Path

Infrared heating paths Diagram

With Infrared the heat radiates evenly from the panel warming everything in its path. So if the panel is ceiling mounted the whole room is an even temperature and all parts of your body feel warm.

Custom Infra Red Panels

Custom designed infrared panel from your own artwork or photo are available

Our range of Panels can come in a variety of sizes to suite all room areas and several finishes included opaque glass, black glass, mirrored finishes and custom finished from your artwork or photo.

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Typical Solar Income

Terraced 2 Bedroom House

  • 2kWp System.
  • 8x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £17,000
  • Investment return by year 8.

Semi Detached 3 Bedroom House

  • 3kWp System.
  • 12x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £27,000.
  • Investment return by year 7.

Detached 4 Bedroom House

  • 4kWp System.
  • 16x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £35,000.
  • Investment return by year 6.

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