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How Combined Heat and Power Works

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Combined Heat and Power, sometimes known as Cogeneration, is the use of a single piece of plant to generate both heat and electricity. In conventional power generation, large quantities of energy in the form of heat are wasted. It is estimated that cogeneration plants are, on average, 95% efficient, compared to present power plants which are only 38% efficient. Cogeneration is an alternative means of supplying energy and often the single biggest measure for reducing building related carbon dioxide emissions and running costs.

Combined with sustainable fuels such as biomass and domestic energy saving measures, Community Heating Power Schemes can provide low cost heating that has a minimal carbon footprint. CHP is a key technology in the government's drive away from centralized electricity generation towards distributed energy power generation.

CHP plants are available in all capacities from large installations where the electricity output feeds into the national network and the heat is used locally; through to building or community sized plants to Micro, that effectively replace the boiler of a single home.

CHP Cogeneration can be divided into the five types

Combined heat and power unit
  • Backpressure.
  • Extraction condensing.
  • Gas turbine heat recovery.
  • Combined cycle.
  • Reciprocating engine power plants.

CHP Cogeneration Financial Assistance

With the government's 100% backing of micro generation, grants and free interest loans are available to anyone considering installation.

Domestic Cogeneration CHP

The Low Carbon Buildings Programme provides grant aid for domestic installations, with all CHP appliances qualifying for a reduced rate of VAT which currently stands at 5%.

CHP Cogeneration Community Heating

The government's Community Energy Programme has capital funding available for local authorities, hospitals, universities and other public sector organisations for refurbishment of existing buildings or installations of new community cogeneration systems.

Commercial Cogeneration CHP

Commercial CHP systems currently qualify for tax advantages in the Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme and for unsecured interest free Energy Efficiency loans.

Abbey Solar Technologies can provide accurate and technical expertise across all aspects of renewable and sustainable energy within any building, commercial or residential.

We provide a consultancy service in a range of areas tailored to meet your individual needs, including design and advice concerning reducing energy emissions and costs.

CHP Heat and Power Chart

Electrical output you can expect to see from various size models in our combined heat and power range of appliances.

CHP Size Electrical Output
Micro - CHP 5 KWe
Mini - CHP 5-500 KWe
Small Scale 500 KWe -5MWe
Medium Scale 5-50MWe
Large Scale 50+ MWe
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