• 4kw Solar panel system on a roof in Stourbridge West Midlands
  • 3kw Solar panel system on the roof of a bungalow
  • 4kw Solar panel system on the roof of a house
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The Green energy deal was provisioned in the 2011 Energy Act and is intended to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties by reducing carbon emissions in a pay as you save financial package. The green deal will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties and save money on energy bills.

The scheme is due to be launched later on in 2012 and it is designed to cover the upfront costs of installing measures to reduce the energy consumption in your property and deliver savings on your energy bills. These savings will be used to repay the cost of installation over a period of time. It is similar to a loan, although not a personal loan as the charge is attached to the meter in the property and is paid back through savings on the energy bills. If you move properties the new occupant will pick up the charge whilst benefiting from a higher energy efficient property.

A qualified green deal assessor will visit your home and carry out a survey. A report will be generated using SAP (standard arithmetical procedures) to determine the energy rating and what saving can be achieved by installing energy saving systems or products. This will be stored and independently quality assured. Only authorised installers can then be used. In addition, the Code of Practice will set out the requirements placed on assessors, to ensure that, whatever the employment route for the assessor, the assessment and advice provided must be impartial. Sanctions will apply in the event that these requirements are not complied with.

Code of PracticeThe green deal Logo

Green Deal assessor, installer and provider details will be held on a central register so consumers will be able to check that they are legitimately using the Green Deal logo and abiding by the Code of Practice.

Consumers will be able to have confidence in the energy saving assessments because these, which will produce an energy savings estimate, will be underpinned by a robust qualification and authorisation framework for Green Deal Assessors.

Green Deal Requirments

When you sign up to a Green Deal Plan you will need to ensure you have the appropriate consents in place for the charge and for installation of the agreed measures. This will include consent from the current energy bill payer and the owner of the property. This will protect property owners and current energy bill payers as well as future owners.

The Green Deal Provider will inform the customer's electricity company about their Green Deal Plan, so the plan instalments can start to be collected through their electricity bill. The energy supplier will then write to the new Green Deal Plan customer confirming the plan details and notifying them of when they will start to collect Plan instalments through the electricity bill. The way customers pay their bills will not change and indeed the amount of their bill will not be higher than without the changes before they entered into a Green Deal plan. The Green Deal is designed so that the estimated energy bill savings should be more than the Green Deal Plan instalments.

Further information

Further information is available from the following website.

The Governments Green Deal

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Green Deal advisers

Abbey solar are intending to become accredited green deal advisers when the scheme is launched so we will able to offer impartial advice on improving the energy efficiency of your property or indeed some further information regarding the green deal, or 1f you would like an appointment when the scheme is launched then please contact us.

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Customer Testimonials

Typical Solar Income

Terraced 2 Bedroom House

  • 2kWp System.
  • 8x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £17,000
  • Panels Investment return by year 8.

Semi Detached 3 Bedroom House

  • 3kWp System.
  • 12x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £27,000.
  • Panels Investment return by year 7.

Detached 4 Bedroom House

  • 4kWp System.
  • 16x 250w Panels.
  • Income over 20 years £35,000.
  • Panels Investment return by year 6.
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