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The UK Governments Solar Feed In Tariffs

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From the 1st of April 2010, building owners who install photo voltaic (solar) panels and other low carbon electricity technology are paid for all of the electricity they generate, including the electricity that they use.

These rates are in addition to the savings on electricity bills. For surplus electricity not used within the building but fed back to the grid there is an additional 4.5p payment for every kilowatt hour exported. This is also index linked. Payments are linked to inflation and will continue for 20 years from the installation date.

For example, a 4.0 kW Photo Voltaic installation could generate an income of up to £700 per year as well as saving £300 a year on electricity bills (an approximate 12% to 15% return on the initial investment.

The Feedin tariffs are reviewed every three months and will be reduced depending on the amount of solar installations that have been installed. The current rates from 1st November 2012 are:

The Current Tariff Level For Solar PV

The current rate for a PV system upto 4kW in size is currently 15.44 p per kW/hr generated. This assumes the building has an EPC rating of D or above and is grid connected. The export tariff is 4.5p. To see the full range of tariffs please follow the link to Ofgem's website Here

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