• 4kw Solar panel system on a roof in Stourbridge West Midlands
  • 3kw Solar panel system on the roof of a bungalow
  • 4kw Solar panel system on the roof of a house
  • Commercial solar panels on a ground frame

Free Installation of Photovoltaic Panels

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A lot of the free solar schemes have finished but there are a few still available if the property fits the criteria. It needs to be a south facing roof and enough space to fit at least 14 photovoltaic panels.

Ping your roof (Top Right) on our site and we can let you know if your property is suitable.

If the criteria is met we can supply and fit a complete photovoltaic panel system at no charge to yourself and you will get the benefit of the free electricity that the system generates.

We always maintain that if you can afford to fit a photovoltaic panel system yourself, then this is the option you should consider. We have some financial options available that match the payments to the feed in tariffs so it does not cost you a penny until the system is paid for and then you get the benefit of the feed in tariffs as well as the free electricity.

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